Our Vision

We will give all of our students the very best opportunities to pursue a future of their choice in a safe and welcoming environment.

Our Mission

We will equip our students with the necessary skills and qualifications to become happy and confident independent people and give them the support they need in order to successfully transition to further education or employment

Our Values

We believe it is important for students to achieve their full potential and progress to a future of their choice, to ensure this we offer a rich and stimulating curriculum, individually tailored to our student’s needs, supported by strong pastoral care, social and emotional support and various therapies. Our small adapted environment allows us to break down any barriers to learning and support individuals needs. We will ensure they are provided with the skills and qualifications necessary to achieve their goals and be celebrated along the way. We will reflect good practice in an environment that supports our students learning.

In meeting our goals, we have developed some key objectives that provide focus for the way the school works:

  • To remove or reduce student’s barriers to learning.

  • To assist students to develop effective systems of communication and social interaction.

  • To develop student’s ability to adapt to and accommodate change.

  • To encourage students to positively manage their own behaviour and difficulties.

  • To provide a calm and supportive environment to enhance learning opportunities.

  • To work in partnership with parents and other professionals.

  • To prepare students for each successive stage in their development and for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

  • To ensure a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum appropriate to the physical, emotional, developmental, social and spiritual needs of the individual, including access to the National Curriculum.

  • To provide a positive and stimulating environment, which recognises and develops the autonomy and self-worth of the individuals.

  • To educate against prejudice and discrimination based on differences such as religion, gender, race, class, sexuality or disability.

  • To provide multi-sensory and structured methods of teaching

  • To be flexible in our approach.