Every Tuesday we go kayaking with the school. This Tuesday I faced my fear of cold things. I went out on a kayak for about 40 minuets. Then I got out because I hurt my pinkey finger with the paddle. After I got out of the kayak I was out for about 5 minutes. Then all the rest of my group got out of the water. I was helping a boy called Harry get out but I tiped him in the water. About 5 minutes later I jumped in with him. The water was as cold as a frozen lake. When I got out I was freezing. So I ran to the car and got my stuff. Then I ran to the toilets and got in to some warm clothes. Then we went back to school.

I would recommend kayaking because it is fun. I enjoyed it until I jumped in but it was fun but cold. I think if you enjoy outdoor activates you will enjoy kayaking.


On Tuesday we went kayaking like we do every Tuesday but this Tuesday Charlie, Harrison and George fell in and the water was as cold as Roger’s soul. I expected to fall in but luckily I didn’t. I was surprised Harrison fell in because he was saying that he wasn’t going to do it but then he did. At kayaking we learnt how to stop our kayak in 3 paddles. All I could smell was the duck poo and all I could hear were the ducks and Bailie screaming because she thought she would fall in. We then were done and went back to school.


Kayaking was fun because we got to use the boats to go further in the water and plus we were doing it for free. The water was totally freezing it was like stepping into a freezer. I didn’t really like the water because it looks dirty but apart from that I really did enjoy kayaking it’s basically trying something new. Last of all it’s basically funny when people capsize in the water but the one thing I really enjoy is you get to learn different things while you are in the water. The thing I like about kayaking is that you’re in the water controlling your boat and plus you can either make the boat fast or slow.


Kayaking is a great exercise, allow me to say! Learning how to paddle my way to safety on a miniature boat is the start of something I would never have thought of doing in the first place. Put it simple; I despise water. I was never a fan of taking a bath, not at all. However, kayaking with the lads, (me, Charlie, George, Aaron, Brandon) made it more interesting, where I thought I would be tipped into the water.

The instructor, is named Stuart, who as far as we know, is from London, and has been kayaking for many years. I think what lets this experience down is the fact I have water in the kayak- and I wear smart clothes, because I’m classy like that. And the stench! Smells like a sea-life, that’s for sure. I am sure my granddad would be proud of me.

Working with the kayak is like working with a horse. If you treat it right, it sails you to where you like to go. Do it wrong, and it will capsize, and it’s not pretty getting cold in the shivering water. Not one bit. I remember taking a lesson on capsizing, IN SHORTS, on a freezing cold day. The water was just about warmer than the atmosphere. It was truly intolerable, and I was screaming when I reached the surface. Of course, in a panic, I rubbed it like crazy, chanting, ‘RUB IT LIKE A GENIE!!!!’

Overall, I have cherished these moments, from the good and bad of kayaking. Things just can’t be the same without Stuart and the lads.





Blue Skies Staff