Our staff are our most important asset and are key to your child's education. Our dedicated team provide personal individualised support for all our students, helping them engage in and enjoy their learning.

Nicole Bradley - Head Teacher

I am proud to be the Head Teacher of Blue Skies School; the role I have held since January 2017. I have 30 years of teaching experience and have held senior leadership roles in both the mainstream and specialist sectors. I have a masters degree in psychology for special educational needs.

It is a privilege to lead such a dedicated staff team, who together, enable our students to be the best that they can be academically, socially and morally. The school works to enable our students to take their place in society as local, national, and global citizens through encouraging them to access an holistic curriculum which supports and develops both their social communication skills and pedagogical needs.

I am enjoying working with our uniquely talented students and their families.

Natalie Bucklen - School Business Manager

"I have worked in education since 2001 and was heavily involved in the creation of Blue Skies School with Fran, the founder, in 2008.

I have a varied role within the school, my job title being Business/Office Manager. Some of the work I do includes Reception, Administration, Finance and, most importantly, working with the staff and students along with their parents. Although I do not work in the classroom I am always here for the students and staff, ready for a chat or guidance whenever needed.

I love working within the 'Blue Skies Family' and seeing the progression and success of each and every student."

Danielle Atterbury - Senior Teacher

I joined the Blue Skies family in 2017 after spending several years working in mainstream schools around Kent. Prior to this I worked in Guy’s Hospital Cytogenetics Department after achieving my MSc from Imperial College London. Since joining the school I have enjoyed getting to know each and every student and becoming part of their journey to be the best person they can be, both academically and as part the of the wider community. 

Sam Gracey - Senior Teacher

I am relatively new to Blue Skies having started in September 2018 after working with pupils with additional needs since 2012. I am a PE and ICT specialist but have a keen interest in preparing pupils for life outside of the school setting and am aiming to have a key role in setting up and delivering vocational based education programmes across many platforms within Blue Skies.  I am excited to have the opportunity to work with such amazing young people in such a special and caring environment.

Samantha McRae - Teacher

"I have worked within the education sector since 2009 and have loved every moment. I am thrilled to be an English teacher at Blue Skies and to be part of an environment that does not only facilitate learning but also aids in developing the individual."

Vivienne Field - Senior Support Staff

"I joined Blue Skies in April 2015 as a Teaching Assistant, having previously worked in primary education for many years.  

I enjoy working with all the students, supporting them in various lessons especially in cooking which is something I love.  It is great to see them preparing the food and trying new flavours and recipes each week.

It is fantastic being part of the Blue Skies team working in a very friendly and caring environment where all students are encouraged and supported as individuals, to achieve their best academically as well as developing their personal and life skills for the future."

Hayley Carey - Support Staff

I joined the Blueskies family in March 2018 and I love being a part of it; working alongside the children at improving their wellbeing whilst at school.
Before starting here I worked with youths and their families to help build better relationships together, alongside this I worked in an Infant school doing 1-1 with SEN children.

Jonathan Richardson - Support Staff

I used to be one of Fran's old students at The Hundred of Hoo School. That is where I got to know Natalie. I work at Blue Skies every Friday and I enjoy this very much. My jobs include filing, photocopying, answering the phone, taking and passing on messages, and making tea.

Helen Wiltshire - Currently on maternity leave

"I became a teacher following study and work within the pharmaceutical industry. I specialised in science which allowed me to fulfill my love of science whilst allowing me to work within the pivotal field of supporting the development of our future generation. I have worked in both primary and secondary schools and already feel greatly privileged to work in the exceptionally caring and homely Blue Skies. 

I believe in a hands on approach in learning to provide independence, questioning and most importantly enjoyment in learning.

I have a passion for travel and exploration and really hope to encourage a love for geography and further off site visits at Blue Skies."

Michaela Smidova - Administration assistant

I joined the Blue Skies School in September 2019 as an Administrative Assistant to provide support to the staff and students. I am pleased to be a part of this amazing and caring school where all the students are encouraged and supported to achieve their best academically and personally.

Aiste - Teaching Assistant

I was born and brought up in Lithuania but after having completed a degree in Lithuanian language and literature at the Educational University of Lithuania, I moved to England with my family.

Since I joined Blue Skies in September 2019 as a Teaching Assistant, I feel genuinely privileged to work every day with such bright young people. For me the family atmosphere is what makes Blue Skies School so very special – each teacher gets to know each child as an individual – and, just like a family, there’s always a great deal of laughter.


Maggie Lindsay Roxburgh - School Counsellor 

Lauren Higgins - Proprietor

I am privileged to be one of the Proprietor’s of Blue Skies School. Our school is filled with bright, engaged and unique students who make each day a fun learning experience, for me as much as themselves!

I have worked at the school since 2011, and was previously the Channel Manager of 2 popular kids tv channels on Sky. I hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome from Sheffield Hallam and would love to continue my studies.

I have taken on many roles within the school, but my most rewarding times are when students confide and share their worries, hopes and successes. The ability to build strong relationships with our students and their families is a real highlight.

I am proud to work with a strong staff team who feel like family and work hard to ensure that students feel safe, motivated and happy to come to school.

Jonathan Higgins - Proprietor

"I worked as the Head of School at Blue Skies School from 2011 to 2016 and am now one of the proprietors. It hasn’t always been easy, but it is always fun! The students are all such individual and funny characters and are an absolute joy to teach. I am lucky to be working with such a strong team helping the students reach their true potential and I am forever grateful for the endless commitment they show to the students at Blue Skies. Our students make me proud every day and I am glad I've been able to work with such wonderful young people."